Will you be part of Australia’s biggest bear hug and donate to help give magical, voice-recordable Comfort Bears to brave children like Tyler?

Your generosity will enable mums with cancer, like Rachel, to reach out from their hospital beds and tell their little ones they are loved. 

With the help of our incredibly generous community, we’re hoping to provide magical, voice-recordable Comfort Bears to more children whose mums have cancer than ever before.

A Mummy's Wish Comfort Bear is no ordinary teddy. Featuring a magical voice recorder deep in its heart, this bear gives mum the chance to reach out from her hospital bed and tell her children “I love you”—morning, noon and night.

Hundreds of families across Australia are already overjoyed to have Comfort Bears in their lives, including Rachel, Paul and their four-year-old son, Tyler. 

Rachel was diagnosed with triple negative, stage three breast cancer last year, and she and her beloved little boy have had to deal with some tough times in the months since.

By bringing some sunshine into her little one’s life, Tyler’s Comfort Bear helps cheer him up—which in turn allows Rachel to have some peace of mind—giving her the chance to focus more of her energy on herself and getting well.

That’s why the team at Mummy’s Wish is reaching out to you today—for your help to provide more children than ever with a Comfort Bear of their very own.​​​​​​​

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$40 is enough to provide a child like Tyler with a Comfort Bear of their very own.

$80 would be enough to make life a bit more bear-able for two children whose mums are going through cancer treatment.

$120 would give big bear hugs to three children—bringing a little sunshine into their lives during some of the darkest days.